a course that helps musicians increase focus & get more done in their practice time

Any instrument, any age, & any level. See the kind of focus & growth that you want!

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What is this?

A course for all musicians that utilizes tested and proven methods for increasing productivity in practice time

Countless hours of research and study have proven that the difference between the elite and everyone else is not what they practice but how they practice.

Works for all ages!


For years musicians have been fed the story that “practice makes perfect”. The remedy for any problem has been to practice more, put in more hours, really grind it out!

But what if I told you that all of that was wrong! 

Enter Stephen Taylor
The practice expert nerd

What if I told you that all practice is NOT created equal?

More importantly, what if I could show you how to get more done in one hour than most musicians get done in eight hours?

Professionals practice differently than everyone else. They know that the key to progress is not putting in more mindless hours of practice.

They know that the key to amazingly, incredible, out of this world results in your practice time boils down to one thing…being 100% deliberate and focused in everything that you do.

The concepts in The Art of Practice have been tested and proven by thousands of satisfied students.

It is the only course of its kind for musicians. It’s all about planning and developing your goals to create a practice ritual that will allow you to see the results you’ve always wanted to see.

It will help you…

  1. See that you don’t need 25 hours a day, 8 days a week to see progress.
  2. Learn the proper way to schedule, goal set, keep a practice journal, & eliminate practice killers.
  3. Use creative triggers to increase focus
  4. Learn what a warm up should look like & why we use them (it’s not what you think!)
  5. Learn how to utilize feedback loops, creative assembly lines, zoning, & so much more
  6. Find your own voice & learn to love your playing

Here’s the thing…the reason I developed this course is because I believe you deserve to see the growth you want to see. I have taught these concepts to thousands of people around the world. It’s how the professionals practice, it’s how I practice, and it’s how my most successful students practice.

Works for all ages!

What’s included?

here’s what you get!

Module 1

It’s all in the planning. This first module teaches you what deliberate practice is, scheduling strategies, how to pick your content, and a ton more. Lessons include:

  • Why is it important to schedule?
  • The 10,000 Hour Myth
  • Our Biggest Problem: FOCUS
  • What is Deliberate Practice
  • The 5 Components of Deliberate Practice
  • Step by Step: Making & Reviewing Your Schedule
  • Practice Killers
  • The Goal Generator
  • Narrowing Your Focus
  • Planning Your Practice Content
  • Keeping a Practice Journal
  • The Big 7
  • How Long Should I Practice?
  • Is There a Bad Way to Practice?
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • How the Pros do it
Module 2

This is the part of practice that is often skipped. I have found that it is one of the pillars of a solid and focused practice session. Lessons include:

  • The Distracted Mind
  • 3 Components of a Pre-Practice Ritual
  • Choosing Your Creative Triggers
  • Learning to Love Your Playing
  • Don’t Worry, Just Breathe
  • Visualization is the Key
  • Finding & Maintaining Your Mental Practice Space
  • Designing Your Physical Practice Space
  • When to Stop Practicing
  • Inspiration & Staying Motivated
  • Dealing With Burnout
  • What is the Best Time of Day to Practice?
Module 3

The Warm Up. What exactly is it, what does it look like, and what does it do? I answer all of these questions and more. To boot, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas from the Grammy nominated band Mute Math makes a guest appearance and gives you one of his own personal warm ups. And if you’re a drummer, I give you several pre-made warm ups as well. Killer stuff! Lessons include:

  • What is a Warm Up?
  • The 4 Components of a Warm Up
  • Developing Your Warm Up
  • Sample Warm Up Breakdown for all tonal instruments
  • Sample Warm Up Demonstration for all tonal instruments
  • Sample Warm Up Breakdown for drummers
  • Sample Warm Up Demonstration for drummers
  • Expanding Your Warm Up
  • Multi-Tasking, Task Switching, & the Costs
  • Feedback Loops
  • The Pareto Principle: 80/20 Practice
  • The Brain & Chunking Information
Module 4

This section of the course about the WORK part of our practice time. I will discuss the learning process, how the brain works in this process, and how we can use that information to maximize our results. I WISH I had this information when I was starting out years ago. Lessons include:

  • The Brain & the Learning Process
  • Assembly Lines
  • Zoning
  • Adding the Big 7
  • Extended Assembly Lines
  • Slow Practice
  • Feedback Loops: Assessing Your Playing
  • When to Move On
  • Integrating New Ideas
  • How to Properly Learn a Piece of Music
  • What NOT to Practice
  • The 50/10 Rule
  • Handling Creative Bursts
  • Maintaining Your Practice Space
Module 5

This section is all about the cool down phase of your practice ritual. It focuses on assessing your practice time, planning your future practice sessions, and finding your voice on your instrument. Lessons include:

  • Cool Down Options
  • Using Recording as a Tool
  • When to Record Your Playing
  • Finding Your Sound
  • Accepting Your Sound
  • Logging Your Practice Sessions
  • Assessing Your Practice Sessions
  • Recognizing Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Transferring Your Ideas to the Gig
  • The Practice Ripple Effect

Who is this for?

The Frustrated

Have your practice time add joy to your life instead of frustration

The I-Don't-Have-Enough-Time-er

You have a day job. You have a family. You have a dog! You also have a passion for music. See how much progress you can make by putting in minimal time with maximized efforts. The two can live in harmony (Harmony? Get it??? Music jokes...)

The Stuck

We've all been there. Yes it's work, but it's also a joy. Sometimes we forget that. Rediscover what seeing regular progress in your practice time can do for you.

If you play an instrument and have a passion for seeing progress but don’t have any more time to devote to practice. If you want an organized, systematic, and productive solution then this, my friend, is for you.  If you don’t want to see more progress… um why are you here? Kidding, kidding. But seriously…


Works for all ages!


Is this for all instruments?

Yes. This course applies to all instruments, all ages, and all levels.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Here’s the honest truth…I don’t want your money unless this course helps you!

So, with that in mind…YES, I absolutely offer a guarantee.

If you are unhappy within the first 14 days of the course, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. I call it the “Steal My Stuff” guarantee.

Seriously…you can go through almost half of the course, download all of the content and lessons, and then get your money back.

Why would I offer such a ridiculous guarantee?! A couple of reasons…

  1. I truly believe this will help you. I don’t just think that…I know that. I have hundreds of testimonials that prove this course works.
  2. I don’t believe in shortcuts. If you get into this course and realize that you aren’t willing to make the changes you need to in your practice time, then I don’t want you wasting your time.
  3. You’re worth the chance. I believe you have more potential inside of you than you will ever realize. It’s my job to help you see that potential. This course will do just that.

I honestly don’t think you will need to use this guarantee though. I can count on one hand the number of people that have in the past.

If you should need to contact us to cancel your account, simply email or call the studio toll free at 1-888-336-3111.

Are there different payment options?


I understand that everyone has a different financial situation. I don’t want that to keep you from improving as a musician. You will have the option to make one payment or split it up into 4 separate payments (1 payment every two weeks for a period of 8 weeks).

If you choose to split the payments up, there is a $20 finance charge added to your total.

What if I can't watch the lessons right now?

Once you sign up and the course begins being taught, you will have 365/24/7 access to all content within the course. Feel free to watch the lessons immediately or wait until you have more time.

The course is only made available a couple of times a year. Once you’re signed up though, you have lifetime access.

Can I download the content?


All content in The Art of Practice is made available for download. All videos files, audio files, PDF’s, sheet music, and lesson resources. You can choose to stream them online or download them to view offline at a later time.

What resources come with each lesson?

All musicians learn differently. For that reason, there are a variety of options to choose from when working through the course.

Each lesson has the following available:

  • Ability to stream the video lesson online
  • Ability to stream an audio only version of the lesson online
  • Ability to download the video lesson file
  • Ability to download the audio version
  • Ability to view a PDF transcript of the lesson online
  • Ability to download the PDF transcription
  • Ability to download or view online all additional sheet music and lesson resources.

I’m serious about you really getting this content. No matter your learning style, I’ve got you covered!

What is different about this course from other online lessons?

Simple…this course focuses solely on strategy within your practice time.

The majority of lessons on any instrument focus on the technical side of the instrument…how to play, what to play, etc.

This course breaks out the strategy for how you should be working through all of the technical material. It’s something I was never taught and had to learn on my own.

The beautiful thing is, strategy never goes away! If you don’t practice something for a month, it becomes harder to play. It goes away. But once you understand the principles taught in this course, you will always be able to go back and implement them to see immediate gains in your playing.

Why should I listen to you?

I have made it my mission over the past few years to figure out why my students were not succeeding in their practice times. This has led me to study fields such as metacognition, how the brain functions, the learning process, successful coaching strategies, daily rituals of elite performers, cognitive behavior, and a TON of other really boring subjects.

I take all of those boring studies, statistics, and strategies and then deliver them in a digestible format.

I have spent hundreds of hours studying, reading, discussing, and teaching the principles in this course.

I have also spent over 7 years teaching online. I understand the format. I understand how we learn online. I understand what works and what doesn’t. I have worked thousands of musicians just like yourself through this material. That’s how I know it works.

And if you’re REALLY interested in the topics I break out I also offer a complete reading list for you to refer to. All of the nerdy papers and books you could ever want to read on the subject!

pricing & what do i do next?

If you wanted to hire me to teach you this course privately, it would cost AT LEAST $2,000 and my schedule is so crazy who knows how long it would take for me to get to it (and I rarely accept new private students!).

Bottom line is I wanted to make this no-brainer affordable for you because I love you like… um… well, I love you.

In all seriousness, I wanted to make this affordable because I didn’t want amazing practice time results to be limited just to people who could afford paying big ticket prices!

Over 20 hours of instruction in this course. All able to be played at any time, anywhere. In person lessons are one time, get it or not events. The format of this course allows you to learn at your own pace whenever you want. Ridiculous. Zero-risk 14 day money back guarantee.

Now you might be thinking to yourself….why the heck would I GIVE YOU The Art of Practice for Musicians course for two weeks…and then give you your money back if it’s not for you? Have I lost my mind? Maybe a little but here is the thing, I know The Art of Practice is the best (and only) course of its kind out there and I want to prove to you that it works. And I know if you love it you will be addicted like a cat on catnip (in a good way), eliminate that unfocused practice guilt, eliminate the stress and see incredibly amazing results in your playing and practice time. And if not, I don’t deserve your money. Plain and simple.

Select your plan below and you will be off to the races.

14 DAY money back guarantee boom!

ZERO RISK.  Try it FREE for 14 days & if you’re not happy, get ALL of your money back!

I want to make the process of learning your instrument as easy, awesome, and stress free as possible. And I stand behind The Art of Practice and know that if you try it you will love it (and will be hooked like a cat on catnip… in a good way). Test drive it for 14 days (and yes, you get every single feature and resource), and if you aren’t happy, simply cancel anytime in the first 14 days and you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.


everything you need to see consistent progress in your practice time

No more crazy long hours, no more frustrating practice sessions, no more guessing. Just focused, results driven, and productive practice day in and day out. Choose one of the 2 plans below to get started!

TAOP Course For Drummers
$279 one-time

14 day "steal my stuff" money back guarantee!

OR 4 bi-weekly payments of $74.75
Full Details
TAOP Course For All Other Instruments
$279 one-time

14 day "steal my stuff" money back guarantee!

OR 4 bi-weekly payments of $74.75
Full Details

ZERO RISK. 14 day money back guarantee!

I always knew what to practice, but never seemed to be able to measure progress in a meaningful way. I always suffered cognitively & emotionally because of it. TAOP4M taught me it wan’t the material or a lack of ability, it was a lack of knowledge regarding HOW to practice. Since employing the TAOP principles, my growth is intentional & inspirational. It revived my love for learning the instrument.

Marcus Lewis
Chief of Police at UT Southwestern

I was a bit reluctant to invest in a program. I was BLOWN away! It’s absolutely phenomenal what is in this. With the assembly lines I have charted out what I want to work on for the next 5 years! This course is amazing!

Richard Hutton
Master Life Coach

I learned to love and be patient with my playing. I can’t recommend this course enough. Stephen was very accessible, he answered questions, was enthusiastic and kind. You’re missing out if you don’t do it!

Nadine Kelly
Owner of Yogi M.D.

I grew up playing soccer…TAOP helped me see that there is a relation between how you practice soccer & how you practice music. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me!

Micah Pokorney



No more crazy long hours, no more frustrating practice sessions, no more guessing. Just focused, results driven, and productive practice day in and day out. Choose one of the 3 plans below to get started!

TAOP Course For Drummers
$279 one-time

14 day "steal my stuff" money back guarantee!

OR 4 bi-weekly payments of $74.75
Full Details
TAOP Course For All Other Instruments
$279 one-time

14 day "steal my stuff" money back guarantee!

OR 4 bi-weekly payments of $74.75
Full Details

ZERO RISK. 14 day money back guarantee!